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fizicl was a group looking to create a mobile app to solve the #1 kryptonite of physical therapy, which is patient adherence. the app would serve as a digital means between patient and provider, transforming the way that individuals admitted in physical therapy rehabilitation would go about their prescribed routines, and allow them to track their progress from home. the ask for our designers was to create a fluid user interface to be the segway into a seamless experience for physical therapy patients to work out when they want, how they want, and be rewarded accordingly.

Test 3 Fizi long

a workout to look forward to.

untitld. was able to create a brand palette for fizicl including typography, logo, and color schemes. from there, we began designing unique experiences for both patients and providers, while simultaneously conducting field studies with actual physical therapists and clinicians to understand both sides of patient adherence. we then used the data from those interviews to inform our designs, and most importantly, the purpose of this product. staying consistent within the theme of fitness/health, and building around the idea of making at-home workouts “fun” was the mantra we kept in mind when working on this app. designs were finalized, handed off, and are now being used in prototypical fashion with fizicl’s talented team!

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